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Facebook Groups

Facebook is technically the dominant social media platform here in New Brunswick. We have communities all over New Brunswick for you to get involved with.

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Reddit Communities

Reddit is a well aged and cultured platform that gives a new perspective from traditional social media platform. Praised for its simple no clutter type interface and style it’s sure to generate some very insightful discussion.

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Discord Servers

Discord is a great platform which can be essentially used for productivity and collaboration not often possible using facebook or reddit. It mainly consists of Text and Voice chat rooms and of course the use of bots to help automate certain day to day tasks.

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All our communities are essentially tagged with a geolocation, although some are regional or provincial the majority are based on cities here in New Brunswick.

Our Communities have rules and regulations that all members are expected to uphold, although variations exist based on platform this is our most complete index of guidelines for our communities.

What we do

Essentially We are a Community Management entity
We provide a productive atmosphere for engagement

We are a group of moderators who enjoy building up communities around New Brunswick. We have always enjoyed helping keep the peace but most of all we love being involved in local community discussion. We help facilitate discussion by adding content from various news sources. Many involved feel that the discussion is often more of a highlight then the actual content that sparked the discussion. We work with local politics, reporters, journalists, people of all trades and pretty much everyone else on social media. Connecting people is one of our focuses and direction in this project.

Our Coverage

Our network coverage expands clear across New Brunswick and is always expanding. Our expansion grows with our team as we do not take on anymore communities then possible to manage. Check out our community section to find a discussion group near you. Get involved, voice your opinions.

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