Dopamine Feedback Loop Technology and How it Affects Your Mind

Ever see someone just staring at their phone waiting for a notification? Almost zombie like, looking for some energy. That is the mind of someone chasing dopamine (this is the same chemical produced in the mind of drug users who consume cocaine, meth and several other stimulants. It’s naturally produced as the “reward chemical”) But […]

This video about a Moncton man is being shared on social media by anti-vaxxors.

Edit: This man in the video did nothing wrong, he is clearly not against vaccines as he mentions in the video that he feels people should still get it. What he is experiencing is terrible and unfortunate, nobody can dispute this. Only purpose to this article is to prove one solid point, and that is […]

Covid Vaccine Myths and Misconceptions

Is the covid vaccine technology new? This type of vaccine is new, but research and development on it has been under way for decades. Is there a weak virus inside the vaccine like the traditional type? The mRNA vaccines do not contain any live virus…In contrast to mRNA vaccines, many other vaccines use a piece […]