Campbellton Community Concerns will be capped at 6000 members

Although some only value quantity over quality, we on the other hand value quality of discussion within our network. As a group grows it becomes difficult to manage, even with a good team it is a constant struggle to keep discussion in the group positive and productive. So with this in mind Campbellton Community Concerns will no longer be accepting new members until the quality of the atmosphere within the community improves.

We have quite a few  members reach out to us claiming they were attacked and/or don’t even comment or post anything because of the hostility and conflict that existed more recently.

We have done this in the past but with time things slowed down and we thought it would be fine to start accepting members again which was a mistake. You can see below the stats which clearly show where we cut off member requests and then when we resumed accepting new members.

If you cannot get into the group, please contact an admin or mod to have you added to a list of people most interested in being a member. As we remove undesirables and inactive accounts, we will begin adding those who were put on this special list. Those who do not reach out to an admin will not be granted access during this time. Worth mentioning, we do have other communities you can join and engage

The local admins and mods will do what they can to calm the waters as they can only do so much considering this is a volunteer effort on their part. As members of this community you should contribute to the effort by reporting posts and comments that clearly violate our rules & regulations so that our team can know where attention is needed and will improve waiting times for conflict resolution.

With that said we apologize for the inconvenience but a good quality atmosphere creates good content and that is our main goal, growth is second to this.


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