WordPress based eCommerce Website (Setup & Refine)

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Simply put, this is 50$ online store you can use to create a small business. It’s loaded with features such as coupons, inventory management, shipping management, sales, specials. On top of that it comes with social media connectivity, SSL Encryption and search engine optimisation so that your store reaches its full potential.

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What this product includes:

  • WordPress installation (Setup/Refine)
  • WP Theme of your choice to work with (we will build around what style you prefer)
  • Unique database created specifically for your store
  • SSL Encryption to enhance user trust
  • DDoS protection through cloudflare.
  • Sufficient resources if hosting with BBSN servers.
  • 1x Migration of your store to any hosting provider you specify upon completion (this includes database, files, images etc etc. This is usually something companies charge up to 100-300$ for)

What is not included:

  • Domain name (,, etc etc). You can merely purchase your domian and point it to server through dns settings.
  • Free Hosting. There is two main parts to a website, one is the domain, the other is hosting which is where the actual files and data is stored. While creating your website hosting is free, once created you must decide if you will stay with our servers for hosting or create your own virtual private server for the store.

What you need to know:

This service is for the creation and refining of an online store created through wordpress, the hosting and domain is up to you generally. Although we do provide shared hosting at a small price, some may feel better if the store was setup on their own server so that the website can get dedicated resources.

Where to get a domain:

Two main companies come to mind. Fatcow & Godaddy are great for purchasing domains, but we would not recommend their shared hosting services.

Where to get hosting:

We recommend for a virtual private server hosting company, one called Linode , it allows you all the resources your site will ever need without the issues that you would experience with shared hosting. Linode is ahead of it main competitor in offering more ram per package compared to digitalocean.

Does this interest you? Well let’s get started. You can fill out a support ticket with the details required and from there you will be contacted by myself or another tech who will setup and refine your store.

Visit our support ticket system and open a ticket up under the help topic “eCommerce – Store Request”