Should BBSN communities be restricted to locals only?

There has been some concerns about non locals engaging in discussion/debate about sensitive subjects and that has raised some concern for some members who feel the communities should be exclusive to those who live in the area.

Majority of outsiders joining these communities are stil living in New Brunswick, some though originate from other provinces but none from any other country than good ole Canada.

There is many reasons why outsiders join these communities, these are some of the reasons:

– They have family or friends that live in the area and are interested in what is going on.
– They previously lived in the area but still would like to keep up to date.
– They are interested in a hot topic that exists in that area and want to know what is happened from the people, not media.

Although filtering out outsiders one by one in each group is nearly impossible and time consuming with 25 000+ members across NB. Alternately we can essentially revise the rules and regulations to restrict outsiders more then those who live in the area… this would ensure that those who are not living in the area do not stir up and aggravate locals discussing important topics between those who it matters most for.

This topic is up for debate about if anything should be done, and if so how could it be done….

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