Sorry, this post shows “Attachment Unavailable”

This message usually occurs for several reasons:

  • The original post was removed from its organic location.
  • Privacy settings will not allow others to see unless friends with person who made original post.
  • Original Post was created on a non “public” (either closed or secret) community and cannot be shared.
  • Person posting content is blocked or has blocked the mod/admin posting this.

If post was removed from where it originated, unless you have a screenshot there is not much that can be done.

If the post is having privacy setting issues, and is on a facebook personal profile, try to ask the person who posted it to make the post in question post public if possible.

If the privacy setting is related to a group being closed / secret rather than public there is two solutions and that is having it re-posted somewhere public (ex: community / personal fb wall). If this is not possible best way around this is a screenshot of original post with a link to original post if possible out of curiosity.

If person has blocked or was blocked by an admin or mod not much can be done, if OP is a member of our communities he/she may be removed as doing so violates rules and regulations. Blocking mods and admins to avoid moderation intervention on thread is not permitted.

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