The Community Giving Thread

This was a concept posted by a member of one of our communities. The idea was and is simple, you post what you have to give away or you post what you want/need for Christmas and the community works together to help each other find what they are looking for.

Very simple presentation and sure enough it worked in both Campbellton Community Concerns and Sackville Community Concerns (Our larger groups).

The response from both communities was exceptional, maybe this is something that can happen in other groups, creating positive change all over NB through such a simple. Use the following post to start something in a community near you:


What is one thing that you cannot afford but NEED right now. 🤔 Lets check and see what others say, maybe you have it and don’t need it or have a connection to get it. I saw this on another page and it was amazing to the see the kindness and generosity especially this time of year. Merry Christmas!!

No SELLING this is a giving post!