The controversy in Sackville related to community concerns group

First I would like to apologize for some of my impulsive behavior as it does happen from time to time due to  certain racing thoughts I get. I’m a 16 year medicated paranoid schizophrenic. I have yet to have any relapses but surely some close calls especially as the covid epidemic unfolded.

I’ve been doing this Facebook gig for quite some time (7 years) and we have always had groups created all over New Brunswick for many different cities. Our policy has always been that majority of mods and admins on the page were local which was the case for some time. 

With non local admins/mods onboard it gives the community a non bias / non conflict of interest approach to moderating in most cases.

Some members who disagree with mods and admins will form alliances and often form rival communities. Some of these some of these undesirables remain members and “troll” admins and mods as a form of subtle retaliation.

Some people use these groups for political gain, either for themselves or someone close to them.


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