We are looking for a handful of moderators for our communities within Restigouche region.

We have several roles within this network that help keep it running smoothly and efficiently. This will outline the various roles and sub roles of our moderator team.

Sysop – System operation in charge of handling tech related matters while still partly involved as an admin or as a form of public relations

Admin – Admins manage mod team and enforce rules and regulations within network communities

Moderator (Informant) – These mods rarely post or get involved they are generally just keeping an eye open and reporting any troubling matters within the community. They often also have ties with community and can offer advice about certain members.

Moderator (News Router) – This mod team focuses heavily posting news content during the day on the newsgroups, they may or may not get overly involved with thread depending. All that is expected is that its posted though.

Moderator (Enforcer) – These mods are used for heavy moderation within the community, most mods will have the ability and remove comments and ban members so they help take the workload off the shoulders of the Admins with effective conflict resolution.

We have openings for moderator positions within our network, if you are interested message me on facebook and I’ll get you setup.

Click here to directly send me a message on facebook to inquire about a position as moderator within the Bulletin Board Social Network.

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