The Web aspect of the BBSN cluster is under development

Some great strides in progress have been made in terms of blogs and services being setup and refined. We have several networks within the BBSN cluster and each network deserves a blog to help centralize things.

Blogs Under Development: (Bulletin Board System Network) – This blog <<here>> is actually something that was not meant to be rolled out just yet but it sort of had to be done. I would say progress on this blog is about 40% and is coming together very nicely. The idea is that is the hub and the entity that links all these networks and communities together.

NSI Radio (North Shore Internet Radio) – This blog will be used as a front for the new radio station being developed. It will include widgets where users can play one of three live audio streams. Chat rooms, social comments and other such features were added to ease the transition from Facebook to the blog.

Cannabis Chaserz Blog –  This blog here will be used to help promote our Cannabis Chaserz Network which is a network dedicated to marijuana enthusiasts.

Talent Chaserz Blog – Talent Chaserz Network although only has one community is a very ambitious part of the network, it will work closely in conjunction with the radio station being setup. These groups can help bring to light local talent and give then an audience to do their thing.

Pet Chaserz Blog – Pet Chaserz Network is a special network themed for all the animal lovers, cute pictures, information, how to’s , warnings, recalls, sharing techniques this is just an overall great place for animals lovers to touch base with others like themselves.

Community Concerns Blog – Community Concerns Network is really where all the action is, these groups are generally our fastest growing theme as the theme really emphasizes the importance of voicing concerns regarding a community. You will find more action but also more drama as it tends to come with the nature of the content.

Sales Chaserz Blog – Sales Chaserz Network will become a great little addition where members of these communities will share and almost compete with local retail deals. While the back and forth posting goes on all the members begin to see what the real deals are. Although this network is small it shows great promise.

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