What are network sponsors? and How does this affect you as a member?

Network sponsors are generally small businesses that are given special permission to advertised is a regulation manner on various communities within our network cluster. The idea is to keep the ads down to a maximum of two ads, at two ads the sponsor must remove a previous ad in order to make a new one. In addition to that sponsors are to limit the frequency of advertisement posts which means they cannot delete and re-post their ads several times a day.

These sponsors will pay a monthly fee  to the network. This revenue will be used for giveaways, equipment for our moderators/admins and also server fees. Some members feel that groups are free and therefor we should not be able to advertise. Although that is one view, another way to look at it is perhaps admins/mods would like to be rewarded for their efforts, getting various incentives can help promote interest. If the team has the tools they need and are provided with incentives we would be able to have a more productive and better managed community as all our team works on a volunteer effort which has it’s limitations.

Those who are absolutely against this you are welcomed to leave the communities as the concept of network sponsors have been implemented long ago into rules and regulations.

“– We do allow regulated advertising in the case of certain exceptions. These exceptions are: Sponsored Network Ads, Fund raisers, Charity events, Start-up businesses needing a boost. If possible please contact an admin or moderator to give a heads up about the post.”

For members this merely means more activity, more content, more give-aways and generally the same atmosphere as before these sponsors.

If you have any issues with a sponsor please use our support ticket system and create a ticket with as much details as possible and this will be followed up on and resolved. We expect sponsors to uphold a certain standard and maintain public relations.

Thank you for your understanding about this matter and have a great day everyone.