What is the Bulletin Board System Network?

Bulletin Board System Network project overview

I’m Michael Landry, some call me Mikey, I started working on social media about 4-5 years ago when I took on the expansion of the original Newschaser Network here in New Brunswick. From there and several “resets” or “reboots” and here we are now, with a great idea, over Communities and a membership base of over all across New Brunswick.

During my many years of involvement I worked on ways to centralise and provide structure to all these communities. I thought of ways of how to enhance them, create more networking and exchange of ideas. During the first year of the original NC Network we accumulated over 30 000 members, our groups were growing more quickly then we could handle at times. As these groups grew the number of intense situations and events increased. The increase of drama and activity wore down my admins quite quickly, some only lasting months or even weeks.

Admins had to back out of this volunteer program due to various reasoning stemming from social stress & anxiety, neglect of their lives, problems with employment. Internally the effects of this stress began to eat away at my team at certain points. During the last few years of involvement I have been through over 40-50 admins and many more moderators who are like a community watch program.

For the amount of work they do, the amount of dedication they put into helping keep the peace and productivity on these communities, the gratification of doing the right thing isn’t always enough and during these times of economic struggle here in New Brunswick many do not have the time and emotions to dedicate to something like this as these internal resources are better spent on trying to put food on the table and survive

So I wanted to have my team paid, but how do we take these groups/communities and turn this into revenue for us? Well if we post an advertisement in a group it could drop to the bottom of the feed in minutes and thus requires constant bumping to be done if the ad does not grab the audience and generate discussion on the thread.

But it dawned on me, finally after 5 years of this as a hobby I realised what our true value is. I also spent the last years learning to build the systems needed to monetise this concept. Now in the new year I will be working to put these patterns and ideas into motion and create something more then just a wordpress blog.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide users with a productive and at times entertaining atmosphere that generates good quality content for everyone to enjoy. Some are hardcore and prefer to debate, thats fine, others will prefer lite discussion and nothing too heavy and that is also fine, our communities will have a little of something for everyone and really out job is to make their experience more relevant and something to remember… at the very least you can expect some food for thought.

Projects in the Works:

We are currently working on several projects and areas of this business, some will be more relevant then others to individuals but every one of these projects has a relative purpose.

Reddit/Facebook Community Unification – We are working towards creating relations with Facebook Group owners and Sub-reddit mods here in New Brunswick to bring a sense of unity. With these new alliances decisions will be made in collaboration with other community management personnel. This is a very dynamic process and so far we have seen great response to the idea and the beginning process. With time we will start to semi-automate this process to improve efficiency but that will take time. For now anyone interested in having their group join in some way send me a message at [email protected] At this point we are open for ideas and input from anyone who wants to get involved.

Micro eCommerce Websites – These miniature websites are going to allow just about anyone to own and run their very own online store. While part of our program there will be some limitations but the option to migrate to an independent server and do your own thing will always be there and if anything this is what we are going to encourage. These stores have very little actual attachments to BBSN but are merely provided as a launching ground for their shop, once their shop takes off we give them the wings they need to fly so to speak. Currently we will not be accepting applications for this project to own a shop until the project is at its final stages. The idea behind this concept is to narrow the duration of creation down to 2-3 hours and charge very little to those who want them. This can be done on our server set aside for stores or we can have it created for you on your own server for more independence.

Free Classified Ads – ClassyAds.ca is ready to be utilized once the time is right. Although starting off the site will struggle I feel it will pay off in the long run. This website has more features and flexibility then Kijiji itself as Kijiji is build onto years and years of code that piles up and restricts flexibility to some extent. There is still one more feature that will be added into the system and that is internal messaging so there will be no need to use your email any more for communication. So soon we will be focusing on this project and utilizing for sale groups on Facebook to aid in the process. For those interested in becoming mods for this website please send an email to [email protected]

Citizen Journalism – We have discovered a way to really turn blogging into some serious money if done properly, but the way this will be setup, the content source will not receive all the money and I can assure you it will give all community owners the ability to generate revenue from what they love to do each day, day after day. The solution is fairly simple in theory, we have bloggers who need audiences, and we have community owners who need content… We will provide that structure. We currently have many existing blogs which cover a variety of areas of life, once ready we will be taking on new bloggers to help us provide great content to our communities. If you are interested send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll see if there can be something done in the near future to get you onboard.

Multimedia Streaming Technology – Video/Audio or just Audio we are confident that servers can be setup to allow live streaming of either HD video or Audio. So yes, we can re-create much of the same services you see exist in some of the major media outlets except for a fraction of the cost. You want a Website/Radio Station? sure no problem, what about a live action video blog? Whatever it is I’m sure your accommodations can be met with some careful planning. This is all part of giving people the resources they need to do what they are passionate about.

Communication & Collaboration Systems – We have several form of technology we are currently using to help improve or even add a new angle to our ability to communicate and work together, it may be IRC Chat for layed back discussion or VOIP software like Teamspeak for our admins to coordinate efforts during important times or perhaps video conferencing software for a group meeting, all these technologies add to our tool belts and allows us to better handle any situation. Many dis projects in this area exists, but they are all aimed at providing increased efficiency and optimization for day to day activity.

Parallel Netowks With Unique Themes – While some stay in the realm of just traditional news we have expanded into other area of interest broadening our coverage and even being on a frontier for these types of communities. Well not everyone is super interested in normal news. Some members really enjoy pets, some smoke cannabis and love cannabis news, some like games, some are into music, so that kind of gives you an idea of the variety of interests from our members.

Currently we haveBBSN of course then Cannabis Chaserz , Pet Chaserz , News ChaserzTalent Chaserz others will have blogs setup and launched. We have a lot of ideas and you will see them come to life with time. Each one of these networks has parallel communities, which means Campbellton will have several groups from within our cluster but each will be unique to its theme and will provide a desirable atmosphere for those interested in that which relates to that theme.

What are Chaserz? Well Chaserz is what I dubbed a “Network Extension”. More or less it is an extension for the networks, almost anything can be added in front of “Chaserz” and it gives that name a proactive ring to it. Others will be added to the mix but for now we just have this one (for the most part). So if you wanted to to create a theme around lets say “PC Gaming” well you may have groups like “Campbellton Game Chaserz”. But that doesn’t sound right so perhaps another extention like “Addictz” could be used and create “Campbellton Gaming Addictz”. Other extensions will be used to accommodate the variety of mixtures in names. Cluster names will be proactive by nature intending to show a desire/passion/interest in a certain topic.

–==Network Structure==–

|- BBSN (Hub)
\-Networks within BBSN Cluster
|- Bulletin Board System Network
|- Community Concerns Netwrok
|- Pet Chaserz Network
|- Cannabis Chaserz Network
|- Talent Chaserz Network

 We look forward to serve communities all over NB and give the people a voice.

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